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Jonas Sannewald
My favorite programming languages.
Nobody likes redundancy - me neither.
For this reason, I present my apps and projects on this website mainly with pictures. If you want more information about the app or the project, you can find a detailed description on the App Store or on GitHub - the information there is always up-to-date.
macOS App
Timezone Flags
Timezone Flags Preview
Coworkers or friends abroad? Just take a look at the menu bar of your Mac and you get the local time!
App Store
Timezone Flags in dark mode
Dark Mode
Timezone Flags supports dark mode
Timezone Flags preferences
All flags in different formats
Timezone Flags in the menu bar
No Limits
Create as many menu bar items as you like
Different display modes in the menu bar
More Than Flags
Choose between the ISO-3166 ALPHA-2, ALPHA-3 or numeric code of the state
Questions? Take a look at the FAQ Privacy is an important topic. Timezone Flags cares about it
Safari App Extension
URL-Detector Preview
Annoyed that Safari only recognizes URLs with "http://" and "https://"? URL-Detector extends Safari to detect all URLs on any web page!
App Store
URL-Detector in dark mode
Dark Mode
URL-Detector supports dark mode
Context menu of Safari with actions from URL-Detector
Perfect Integration
All actions are displayed in the context menu of Safari
Context menu shows warning from URL-Detector
Syntax Check
Warning when Safari mistakenly detects URLs
Information alert from URL-Detector
Background Request
In the background, an HTTP request is sent to the server to check if the URL is correct
Questions? Take a look at the FAQ Privacy is an important topic. URL-Detector cares about it
iOS App
// Coming soon 🙌🏻
// But there is still a lot to do...
for i in 0..< {
    print("TODO: Issue Number #\(i)")
// Unfortunately, it's !false 😉
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One more thing...
I offer all my apps and projects for free - forever. If you use one of my apps and want to support me, you can donate a small amount via PayPal. Or are you willing to donate your time? Emergency services (e.g. Volunteer Fire Departments or Emergency Medical Services) are always looking for volunteers to support their work. What could be better than rescuing other people?